IMGmatters | Visual Communication Studio
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IMGmatters is an one man run visual communication studio based in Chicago. Matt strives to produce unique, creative and professional design and system for his clients whilst also providing a strong personal connection and down to earth service. He believes the better he knows a client and the deeper he can dig into their head, the greater the outcome will be for everyone. Plus, Matt love having friends!

Video – IMGmatters

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Matt is in middle of editing his welcome video. Hope to have it up on here soon after this upcoming Labor Weekend.

Video – About Matt

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To read more about Matt, his brief bio and resume/cv can be found here.

Video – Services

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To learn more about IMGmatters’ services and what Matt can do for you, go here and download the pdf files.


From Matt’s humble beginnings drawing mice and random strange looking human beings, he always found myself working to improve his craft and elevate his skill to another level. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Graphic Media and Advertising/Public Relations, he found myself working in the communication industry doing visual communication and marketing.


Currently, he is keeping himself busy with multiple clients and projects, keeping his foot inside the theatre world and exploring my abilities in the art field, all just to keep himself growing as a visual communication designer. Life is too short to be limited to one focus. Keeping one eye open and observing how a communication system lives and evolves is one of the most fascinating things in the world.

Graphic Design

Matt helps clients to communicate with their customers through good print and digital design; a smart mix of words and pictures that engages your audience and delivers your message.

Website Design

Matt offers organizations opportunity to own an user-friendly website and provide his knowledge in what makes a website an effective website.

Social Media

Matt creates unique social media systems, which allows each client to facilitate conversations with their consumers or followers through its social media venues.